XERAL insulating plasters influence health living through their mineral base. Indoors they provide for pleasant air in the room without any vaporous emissions. Through their capillary activity they regulate the humidity of the air by cushioning humidity peaks. The room climate is also improved through higher and even surface temperatures of the walls which people experience to be particularly pleasant.

Our heat insulating plasters are purely mineral and vapour permeable; hence permeable for water vapour. On the other hand water and weathering cannot affect the exterior rendering. As a consequence it is suitable for use in damp and wet interior areas but also as exterior weather protection. Through its alkaline pH value it acts preventively against mould and algae infestation entirely without hazardous biocides. By virtue of their properties XERAL solutions create a healthy living environment and a pleasant indoor climate.


Especially in conurbations we spend up to 90 percent of our lives indoors. For the long-maintenance of health and performance capability rooms need special characteristics as far as their climate and comfortableness are concerned.

The users of housing or workplaces are subject to the most diverse influences such as temperature, damp and circulation of the air in the room but also the acoustics and lighting. These influences impair or improve the wellness feeling often referred to as comfort as well as the performance capability and health of the people.

Emissions from wood preservatives, synthetic materials or flooring can exert significant adverse effects on the well-being; however activity and number of persons as well as weather, light and room acoustics exert influence on the environment as well.  

Our solutions help with a holistic planning approach for the renovation of existing buildings or the development of new builds. By means of a customised building insulation our mineral insulating materials assist with the creation of a room climate contingent upon exterior climate, function and form of the building, the location and the building concept.

XERAL products facilitate the maximum comfort, minimize the energy expenditure and promote improvement of the relevant room factors.