The proper planning of a building significantly determines the usage and the length of the lifecycle of that structure.

Our experts provide support over the whole course of the project – from simulation to completion. Especially for heat insulation and renovations of old buildings, consultation is important for both clients and builders in order to prevent problems with damp at a later stage. XERAL products provide an optimum solution for almost every project.

This simplifies ascertainment of the condition, the planning process and the implementation as well as the upkeep of structures.

The XERAL aspiration to sustainability categorically sets new standards. Based on specific fundamental research and the know-how of experienced consultants XERAL buildings can actively react to environmental influences and provide the requisite extent of energy savings.

Our project consultation service for builders and skilled trades in the old building renovation sector is of assistance for all relevant issues. Consultants for project developers and a builder/client service are available for new builds.