What is the silica granulate component?

XERAL silica granulates are manufactured from silicon dioxide; a natural constituent of quartz. Cylindrical mesopores have air pores in nanometer range. By virtue of their structure silica granulates feature an extremely high specific surface area.

Silica granulate and its material properties

The air pores make silica granulate one of the best heat insulators since the heat conductivity of air with a typical value of 0.02 W/(m·K) is exceptionally low. The melting point of the non-flammable and non-toxic silica granulate is around approx. 1200 °C.
Essentially the branching of particle chains with lots of intermediate spaces in the form of pores is responsible for the outstanding properties.
The interior surface areas with up to 1000 m² per gram can be unusually large.

Silica granulates are natural

The source material of silica granulates is the quartz from selected grades of sand. The silicon dioxide required is a main constituent of quartz. Regional sand deposits secure a sustainable supply for the important raw material in the longer term as well.

XERAL and silica granulates

Efficient production processes and the application optimized for silica granulates guarantee the highest quality for effective hot and cold insulation.