The material for the next generation of mineral insulating materials

Mineral insulation of buildings guarantees maximum fire protection and is 100% removable. Another core area is concerned with the development of ecofriendly insulating materials for the industrial production of the most diverse components. However sustainable building does not only require sustainable building materials; the whole cycle from production through to the logistics has to be taken into consideration. Our industrial solutions are based on the supply of raw material mixtures which are adapted to regional commodities such as sand. Thus the XERAL model not only saves unnecessary transportation but saves costs as well.

We carry out research in order to be able to combine the tried and tested properties of building materials with additional attributes through targeted development. The utilization of new and modified materials and raw materials for thermal storage in plaster systems or façades is the current focus of our attention.


From the components of perlite & silica granulate

Perlite already has many innate positive properties such as a low thermal conductivity and a high thermal energy storage.

XERAL insulating materials contain a newly developed combination of perlite and silica granulate. Capillary activity and vapour permeability enable XERAL products to exhibit both a natural interaction with dampness or moisture and a high thermal insulation at the same time.

The XERAL materials actively act against the formation of mould and prevent possible colonization of surfaces by algae. The innate properties also provide enduring protection against infestation by pests.