for the optimal working of XERAL heat insulating plasters



Art. No. 8011

The XERAL TEC PP screw pump is made up of a stator and a rotor The stator is comprised of a metal sleeve encasing a moulded rubber part the inner geometry of which is shaped by chambers and coils. The rotor is made of metal, is helical and is screwed into the stator. During operation of the plastering machine the rotor rotates in the stator and the mixed mortar is conveyed via the helix of the rotor and chambers of the stator. Furthermore since the chambers are sealed to each other by the rubber the necessary delivery pressure is built up. The rotors are available with and without studs.



The pumping capacity of the XERAL TEC PP screw pump is up to approx. 35 l/min which proves to be ideal for insulating plasters from XERAL. As far as insulating plasters are concerned ample plaster thicknesses are sprayed on which is why the high performance of the pump is particularly important in this case. Moreover the selected low hardness of the stator rubber mixture is easy on the light aggregates in the wet mortar and extends the service life of the screw pump at the same time.



Screw pump rotor without pin
Art No. 8031

With an open mixing system in which the plastering mortar is first mixed and subsequently pumped separately a remixer is usually done without, which is why the rotor without pin is used in this case.



Screw pump rotor with pin
Art. No. 8021

The rotor with pin is required to drive a downstream connected remixer (for plastering machines type G4).


Art. Nr. 8041

The geometry of the XERAL TEC MW 180 insulating plaster mixing shaft is optimized for working the extremely light XERAL insulating plasters. The optimized geometry supports both the conveying as well as the mixing of dry mortar in an ideal way. Even with the lightest bulk weights of the insulating plaster, sufficient dry material is conveyed into the mixing zone so that no interruptions of spraying occur during working of the plaster. At the same time the mixing zone is optimized to ensure that the dry material is completely mixed and that none of it finds its way into the screw pump, which would otherwise result in a high rate of wear of that pump. The merits of the XERAL TEC MW 180 insulating plaster mixing shaft are therefore, optimum interruption-free mixing of the dry mortar and an increased service life for the screw pump.



Art. No. 8051

The XERAL TEC NM remixer was designed for working insulating plasters in type G4 plastering machines in order to eliminate the mechanical disadvantages of a closed system (Note: type G4) compared to an open system (Note: separate mixing and pumping). The remixer provides a consistent material flow and increases the malleability of the wet mortar. At the same time the use of the remixer increases the mortar's coverage rate, which in the case of insulating plasters, results in an improvement of the heat insulation. The construction of the XERAL TEC NM remixer is extremely light thereby making it very easy to assemble for an individual person.


Art. No. 8061

The XERAL TEC MS 25/5 mortar hose is a mortar hose of nominal diameter NW25 and length of 5 m. The use of this mortar hose complies with XERAL processing recommendation to utilize a maximum of 13.3 m mortar hose NW 35 and 5 m mortar hose NW 25. NW 35 mortar hoses are inherently advantageous for insulating plasters, but on the other hand, rather more difficult to handle in front of the wall. For that reason the XERAL TEC MS 25/5 is recommended as a »lightweight« final hose for working insulating plasters.



Art. No. 8071

To prevent demixing and to ensure an optimum product quality XERAL insulating plasters are only supplied in sacks. On the building site therefore the challenge arises of how to introduce the sacks to the plastering machine as dust-free or with as little dust as possible. There are admittedly technical solutions on the market which include removal by suction, however these are expensive and complex to operate. For that reason XERAL has developed the XERAL TEC BA container attachment for type G4 plastering machines which functions purely mechanically, but nonetheless achieves very good results. At the same time the container capacity of the plastering machine is significantly increased, which makes working on the plastering machine easier.

The operating principle of the container attachment is relatively simple too. Sacks of XERAL insulating plaster are opened by the top seam and the open sacks are then placed in the hopper attachment with the opening downwards. Due to the adequate height of the hopper the sack remains in position and its own weight creates a seal between it and the wall of the hopper. The material then empties itself almost entirely into the plastering machine's container. By this means the formation of dust is drastically reduced whilst the reservoir of material is increased via the container attachment.